An Aviva healthcare study also states we should take our sleep

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7a replica bags philippines Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersSo what are we doing wrong? We supposedly spend a huge each year on over the counter sleeping aids and there are another 16 million prescriptions for sleeping tablets handed out annually, reported the Mirror.An Aviva healthcare study also states we should take our sleep even more seriously than we already do.Taking it seriously is all well and good but sometimes nothing seems to solve the amount of hours you waste just staring at the ceiling wishing you weren’t still awake.Here’s a guide which to help you get a decent night’s sleep now you’re not a student who can function on two hours a night.Do I need eight hours sleep? The latest thinking on sleep is that we obsess far too much about getting the perfect eight hour chunk of shut eye each replica bags karachi night, and end up feeling anxious when work, kids and real life get in the way of it.”We’ve only slept for one long block at night since we invented the light bulb. Before that, people slept the way remote tribes around the world still do for shorter chunks whenever they feel like it, during the day, replica bags and watches in the evening and the middle of the night.”Based on this theory, the whole notion of always getting eight hours straight is encouraging us do the opposite of what actually comes naturally.”I’ve never met anyone who achieves eight hours, 365 nights of every year,” Littlehales says, “but I’ve met plenty of people who waste time worrying about the magic eight hours when there are other ways to get all the sleep we need.”Littlehales, who has worked with Britain’s Team Sky cyclists and many Premiership footballers, is a fan of short naps, which he says are the body’s natural recovery tool for beating tiredness and refreshing the brain. Done correctly for 30 minutes when you feel drowsy he believes naps can help reset your body clock so you actually sleep more soundly at night.If you have other worries that you think are factoring into how much sleep you get then maybe your questions are answered somewhere further down this article.I can’t sleep because I’m worried Why this happens: More than 80 per cent of Britons complain that anxiety disturbs their sleep.”Thought 9a replica bags is one of the strongest sleep disrupters, whether it’s ruminating about the day you’ve just had or worrying about the one ahead,” says Nick Littlehales.”And once we start stewing over it, the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released making us even more alert.”Tackle it: Scientists believe one of the key reasons we sleep is to process the day’s experiences into memories.”We can make this easier for our mind and less disruptive to our sleep by ‘ downloading’ before bed,” says Littlehales.”Some replica evening bags people find meditating and breathing exercises useful for this 7a replica bags philippines.

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